Offer, Don’t Ask

You have now sold some product and need to review your email that you send to new buyers. What would happen to your buyer email if you changed your mindset from “Gee, I hope the buyer will open my email” to ” I don’t care if you open my email, we are crushing it in sales anyway!”

Learn how your mindset can completely change the email you create, and what impact your mindset has on your selling process.

How To Patent Your Retail Product in Today’s Competitive Market

Patenting your products are difficult, expensive and complicated. How do you know if you have done it right? How do you know if you are really protected? What if you must go unprotected because you can’t afford a patent.

All of these questions and more will be answered during this interview with Russ Krajec. Russ is a self proclaimed “Recovered Patent Attorney” who believes this industry is not serving product inventors and has dedicated his life to changing that. If you have a product and want, no, need to get it patented, you will not want to miss this interview.

How To Use Facebook And Your Website To Grow Product Sales With Andy Seeley

Managing your website would benefit you in the long run. Timothy Bush talks with Andy Seeley, the CEO of Creatively Disruptive, about healthy diversification and how you quiet the noise and make your product sales grow. He shares different aspects in his entrepreneurial journey and how he grew his business through effective marketing strategies, email marketing, Facebook Ads, and other social media platforms. Join Timothy and Andy as they explore the social media tools used to drive traffic to your website and eventually boost your sales and achieve profit goals.

What to do before, during & after a Retail Buyer Meeting

Many suppliers get over excited when bringing their products in front of buyers only to have that conversation not go well. While having that initial talk with buyers can be exciting, it is important not to dive headfirst but instead prepare. In this episode, Timothy Bush is back to take us deep into the ways we should be approaching buyers. He lays down the three things you can do before, during your communication, and after the direct communication with the buyer has ended. You’ll be surprised and satisfied with the way he connects companies and their products with these crucial tips. Join him in this conversation and understand how to make that retail buyer meeting successful.


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