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If you’ve landed here on our TLB VIP Experience page, you already know Timothy Bush has the know-how, experience, and guidance to help you take your business to the next level. His years of hands-on experience will assist you in tackling important subjects crucial to mounting a successful sales campaign into Big Box Retail. He covers everything from time frames to packaging to pricing and more. Using simple steps, information and instruction, Timothy Bush will be your personal wholesale consultant.


Any time you surround yourself with people who are better than you at any task, it raises your level. It challenges you, it gets your motor running, it gets you pumped up. So if someone else is having success, and they share that with you it just makes you want that same success and drives you!

Collaborate with other like minded people that are experiencing the same pain points, in an environment where you can share openly, learn from each other, and be challenged to grow at the speed of need.


If you’re in a group with people who are moving forward, you either move forward with that group, or you get left behind. Inherently, being part of the TLB VIP Experience will raise your level of execution, drive and awareness. This group will give you tools and processes that you didn’t even know existed.

Invest in yourself and your business and finally experience the growth you’ve been aiming for.

13 reviews for VIP Experience

  1. Stephen Blain

    You don’t realise what you are doing wrong when approaching buyers until you start learning from Tim! It is so easy to believe in your product, but to learn what the buyer is looking for (which is so different to what a customer is looking for) and change the way you connect and engage with buyers makes a huge difference to selling your product! The VIP Experience is something that everyone who is selling products should join!

  2. Carol A Paulton

    So much better than listening to another webinar or reading another book. All members sign an NDA, allowing us to speak freely about our own specific struggles & successes. Tim is a fantastic mentor, full of stories of his engagement with big box retailers, often discussing issues in real time. We discuss emails being sent & responses to be made, terms we should negotiate, effective methods of creating buyer-decks, pitching in person vs. zoom, packaging & logistics and so much more. We learn from Tim, and from each other. Highly recommended.

  3. Lisa Grundy

    As I progress through the mechanical steps of developing my product, I am learning a tremendous amount about the nuances of working with big retailers. This will be very helpful when I approach them because the twists and turns of the buyer, of the logistics, of all of it, will not be unknown to me, and I will have resources who can help.

  4. Mark Rutherglen

    I am just at the early stages of producing a product to sell however I am learning so much that will make the process so much easier in the future when I start selling.
    Tim provides real time, real experience scenarios on an ongoing basis and his experience and knowledge is invaluable!! Also the VIP group is so diversified that we all learn from each other in a friendly fun environment.
    It’s a no brainer……. Join now!!

  5. Lawrence Barnes

    No matter where you are in your retail journey you can benefit from the VIP Experience. Tim’s engaging discussions encourage you to connect the real-time and real-world topics to your own products and business. Each week a new piece of the big picture comes into focus and you understand how your products should be positioned for all size retail buyers. Important themes are expertly reinforced so that they soon feel like second nature. The challenges Tim presents really make you think about your Brand and how you want it to appear to retail buyers.

  6. Zarghona

    Great way to get familiar with everything related to buyers, sellers, retail, and things relating to business and building products. You will hear and see live sessions discussing important topics no matter where you are at in your business journey. Every member discussing their wins and pitfall and you will learn how to use their story and built your business based on real people’s experiences. Great way to get introduced to other like minded entrepreneurs.

  7. Zarghona

    There is so much you can learn by attending these live sessions. Everything that relates to buyers, sellers, retail and products will be discussed in open discussion. Like minded members share their successes, roadblocks and everything relating to business and we all learn from each other’s process of doing things. I am so glad I’m part of this group and learning something new every time i attend.

  8. Jae Blain

    Not only did Tim teach me how to find the right buyers for my product but he also role played calls with me prior to me jumping on calls with buyers so I was confident on how to approach the buyers and be confident that I would be able to answer their questions. It was great to show my email templates, that I was going to send to buyers, to Tim and the group to hone them and give me the best opportunities for getting that “Yes” from the buyers.

  9. Alex Stephenson

    Tim is a fantastic mentor with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to products, sales and big retailers. He presents real world experiences in class each week and encourages us to navigate through them together. Each member of the group is at a different place in their business journey so we all learn from each others successes and challenges. I highly recommend joining Tims group, you won’t be disappointed.

  10. Hoe Ping

    Tim is knowledgeable and has many years of experience dealing with big-box retailers. In the weekly classes, Tim shares real-world examples, challenges, and inside scoop into the retail world. At times, we also get to participate in practical activities, learning how to communicate on the phone, pitching to buyers etc.

  11. ghjensen

    Tim has an amazing way of helping me with my many questions and insecurities. There is a lot to learn about getting into retail, but he lays it all out step by step in a way that makes it feel very doable. Its a great group that all interact comfortably with each other and have fun. Tim is engaging and entertaining and I always look forward to his class.

  12. Rebecca Bavli

    Tim gives real world examples that I can relate to as a business owner. I would much rather listen and learn from example vs. watching a video or doing a “class” at my own pace. I love that we can interact and ask questions and try to think about what to do. Very happy with Tim and the VIP experience. He is a real PRO!

  13. Conor Brennan (verified owner)

    If you’re looking to create a brand and expand your sales channels into retail, look no further. Tim has years of experience in retail and will help you step by step to get there. From the first call I had with Tim, he really impressed me and had done a heap of preparation work which made that call so valuable. I didn’t hesitate to join the VIP experience which is made up of great like minded sellers with each others best interests at heart. I feel very confident in the education and support I am getting from the VIP experience and Tim.

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