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What is “Pitching Via Video Conference”?  What really is Pitching for that matter?  Pitching, in its truest form, is really a conversation between people with a common goal.  You want to sell or get something, and they want to buy or give something.  The big question is; will they buy or give that thing from or to you?

Pitching face to face is the ultimate rush, you’re in the room, feeling the energy, controlling the situation and creating a personal report.  But what about when you are not in the room and not face to face.  Video conference sales are currently the only way sales are being accomplished.  Even post virus, video conference sales will be a major part of the new norm.  How can you not only participate in this new norm, but actually thrive in it?

I have been selling products and services via video conference for the last 11 years.  I have given or participated in 100’s of pitch meetings all over the world via video conference and as a result have learned what works and what doesn’t.  In this course you will learn exactly what I have been perfecting over the last 11 years and how to apply it right now.  The world is changing quickly, and this course can help you be at the leading edge of how sales and communication will be done.


  1. Kevin Dickinson

    The video course is great! Crazy value with such an economical price. He could likely sell this for 5x what he is asking. Like always, Tim delivers. The course goes into great detail about pitching a product via video. However Tim also goes into depth about how to pitch a product in general.

  2. Carol A Paulton

    A great course on preparing for our new normal. There are so many things to consider that I honestly had never thought about. Easy to understand, digest, and implement.

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