Specialty Store Pricing Template


The Specialty Store Pricing Template Package Includes:

  1. Specialty Store Pricing Template
  2. How to Price My Products for Retail: 11 Easy Steps

Do your Pricing, Do it Right, Do it First!

You must always do your pricing prior to approaching buyers because if you don’t know if your pricing works within the model of the retailer that you are going after, you are really walking into that situation blind.

Most likely if you walk in blind you will make an agreement to something that doesn’t work for you. So if you don’t know the numbers; i.e. your pricing, margin, program costs etc., then you are going to agree to something that may not work for you in the future.

Top 3 Reasons You Need This Pricing Template:

  1. Understand Your Margin
  2. Create Pricing Unique to the Channel of Retailer
  3. Build Out Your Anticipated Program Costs.

As a bonus you receive a FREE full version of the article “How to Price My Products for Retail: 11 Easy Steps which includes non published actual case file example and other key items left out of the published article.



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