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“Do your Pricing, Do it Right, Do it First!” – Timothy Bush

Top 3 Reasons You Need This Pricing Course:

  1.  Understand Your Anticipated Profit Margin By Retail Channel
  2. The Ability To Create Pricing Unique to the Channel of Retailer Being Pursued
  3. The Power Understanding Your Anticipated Program Costs.

This course includes the following 6 modules plus a Bonus Exclusive:

  1. Determining your MSRP – Worksheet Included
    1. What is your X-Works cost?
    2. The 10x/7x rule and how to apply it.
    3. Does your MSRP make sense and is it sustainable?
    4. Competitor validation and explanation
  1. Raw Landed Cost – Worksheet Included
    1. What is your RLC (Raw Landed Cost)
    2. How to calculate your RLC
    3. How to estimate your RLC
  1. MAP Pricing
    1. What is MAP
    2. Why would MAP pricing be used
    3. Pros and Cons of MAP pricing
  1. Gross Margin / Retailer Margin – Worksheet Included
    1. What is Gross Margin or GM
    2. How do you calculate GM
    3. What are points?
  1. Program Costs – Worksheet Included
    1. What are program costs
    2. Common program costs to consider
    3. How to use accrual accounts to manage unknown program costs
  1. Creating your own pricing strategy
    1. Walkthrough of each pricing channel sheet
      1. Club
      2. Big Box
      3. Specialty
      4. Distributor
      5. Company Website
      6. Amazon
    2. Net Margin / Adjusted Net Margin
      1. What is Net Margin
      2. How do you calculate Net Margin
      3. What Adjusted Net Margin (ANM) is to low?
    3. Pricing to avoid Knockoffs
      1. What is a knockoff
      2. How can you price your product to best avoid knockoffs?
    4. Pricing for Online and Brick & Mortar
      1. Key differences
      2. Recommendations
  1. Bonus – 30 Min Free pricing consultation with Timothy Bush – After completing the course take a deep dive into your products pricing with Tim and get specific with your numbers.

What you will need during this course:

  1. Product (actual or made up)
  2. EX-works cost (actual or made up)
  3. 4 competitor products and retail pricing (actual or made up)
  4. Freight cost from factory to your warehouse (actual or made up)
  5. Units per container (actual or made up)


  1. Gay Jensen

    I am so glad I took this course. I was totally underestimating some of my costs, this course saved me from getting into big problems. Its simple and easy to understand and worth way more than Tim charges for it. Thanks Tim for helping me once again.

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