Complete Retail Product Evaluation

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Retail Product Evaluation:

Is my pricing ok? How is my packaging? Do I have enough product? What do retailers need from me?

If you have asked yourself these questions, you are not alone. They are common questions when deciding to take your product or product idea to retail. How can you know if you are ready, if your product is ready? The answer is closer than you think TLB has been taking products to retail for over 25 years and during that time has developed a “in house” method of evaluating products and companies for retail readiness. Up to now this has been a, behind the scenes, method of helping our clients determine strengths and opportunities for their products to aid in their retail launch acceleration.

This evaluation is now available to you! Imagine knowing, before you take this journey, what your real strengths are and how to maximize them. What if you had a roadmap to potential pitfalls and the opportunity to avoid them now, instead of trying to fix them after the damage has been done.

Knowing the future and how your product fits into it is the power of this tool. Let us put it to work for you, for more information CLICK HERE to book a free consultation


1 review for Complete Retail Product Evaluation

  1. John

    Had a great experience with Tim during the Retail Product Eval process. He undertook a thorough assessment process and helped break down and rate each of the key component areas which resulted in an honest product viability evaluation. Highly recommend whether you are even mildly curious, or have built in a mid-long term strategy for your product being considered for the US retail market. Tim’s very easy to work with and brought a great deal of knowledge and experience which helped me make an informed decision regarding the product (for which I had been considering retail for some time). My only regret is not taking this critical step sooner.

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