Coaching Bundle – 5 Sessions

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Get 5 sessions for one great price! 

Imagine having an expert on your team with the specific knowledge you need to grow your business. Timothy Bush’s coaching, like his podcast, is about actionable information derived from hands on experience. Don’t guess when you can collaborate with Tim and get the answers and strategy you need to create consistent sustainable growth.  Book a call now and get the answers you need!


2 reviews for Coaching Bundle – 5 Sessions

  1. Prat Rayo (verified owner)

    As a young but fast-growing e-commerce company, we were unsure of the many subtle aspects dealing with retail buyers and selling wholesale. Luckily we found Tim, he has been a great resource to draw upon, he provided timely advice to help our company navigate through a wholesale deal with a popular retail chain with over 250 stores that was interested in carrying our products. We will be using his valuable expertise & coaching to advise on future retail negotiations and deals.


  2. Becky Bavli

    I had a goal is 2021 and it was to break into brick & mortar stores. I started coaching with Tim and he taught me everything from how to pull together a cohesive presentation to how to research and find buyers to how to prepare boxes for shipment.

    I went into all of my meetings with retailers feeling prepared and ready to answer their questions. I am now in several stores, including Walmart.

    We couldn’t be happier with the progress.

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