Club Store Pricing Template


The Club Store Pricing Template Package Includes:

  1. Club Store Pricing Template
  2. How to Price My Products for Retail: 11 Easy Steps

Do your Pricing, Do it Right, Do it First!

Are you are a supplier looking to put your products into Big Box retail?  We can help.  This template is designed especially for Club Store Retailers and includes calculations for program costs, margin, MSRP, landed cost, rep commission and much more.

Knowing your costing is a key part of your go to retail strategy and should be completed prior to any meeting with a retail buyer.  This sheet will help you calculate your pricing and provide confidence your product has the necessary margin needed to do business in this channel.

Top 3 Reasons You Need This Pricing Template:

  1. Understand Your Margin
  2. Create Pricing Unique to the Channel of Retailer Being Pursued
  3. Build Out Your Anticipated Program Costs.

As a bonus you receive a FREE full version of the article “How to Price My Products for Retail: 11 Easy Steps which includes non published actual case file example and other key items left out of the published article.


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